My Story


Hi, my name is Faith. Welcome to Faithful Plateful! I am an Arizona native, lover of the outdoors, traveling, and miniature goats; enthusiast of things like black bean brownies and avocado toast. Most of all I love my husband who is perfect for me, our two baby boys in heaven, and our sweet girl and new baby boy! We strive to focus on Christ and thus find joy no matter our circumstances.


On this blog I share some of my favorite recipes (my own creations and a few from others) that are made with whole-food and plant-based ingredients (WFPB). Why do I eat that way? Here’s my story:


First of all, I absolutely do not judge anyone for eating differently than me! Just as I hope they don’t judge me for eating differently than them.


I grew up eating what is now referred to as the SAD diet (standard American diet).  We ate lots of fruits and vegetables, but also meat, milk, eggs, sugar, white flour.  Like typical families, the kids drank some Capri Suns, we poured corn-syrupy maple syrup on our pancakes, and we ate the occasional pepperoni pizza…. but everyone was healthy, so why not?


Fast forward to when I was about 15. My grandparents on both sides were suffering from various chronic diseases. It was hard to watch and I think it made my parents think about preventing such problems from happening to them. We also had some friends who didn’t eat refined sugar–ever!– and that inspired us and made me think. My mom read a book called Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman about the power of plant foods and it forever changed the way she cooks. She shared some things she was learning and I decided to join her in not eating meat.  I read a few books and watched some documentaries (which you can find listed among the recommendations on my Resources page).  Through both study and my feelings, I became quite convinced that this was the healthiest way to eat.


I didn’t eat any meat from the time I was 16 to when I left for college at 18. Since then, I’ve been more of a “social meat-eater” as I didn’t want to be awkward at social events where meat was being served. I still really try to avoid it, but I also go by the philosophy that relationships are more important than a perfect diet (if I am doing a special challenge or if I were trying to lose weight or reverse disease I’d be more strict for sure!).  I try to eat completely on-track at home so I have some wiggle room for times when I’m handed a plate of cheesy lasagna and don’t want to make a scene. I want this way of eating to be a fun priority for me in a non-obsessed way.


Anyway, unlike most people who convert to this way of eating, I had no health problems that brought me to a point of desperation and motivated change. Since I’m still young, I’ve always been healthy and thin no matter how I eat. I was just born with a deep respect for my body and a fascination with all things health/nutrition. I am amazed at all the things my body does for me, and the least I can do for it is treat it right.


As I’ve studied the plethora of contradictory health information and diets out there, I’ve wondered which of all the health philosophies is right and which is right for me. Gluten-free? Paleo? Keto? Vegan? Low-carb?  I’ve turned to God and His word. As the Creator of our bodies surely He, and only He, knows best how to care for them. I’ve felt that it is pleasing to both Him and our health to eat meat sparingly, and focus on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.


Every marriage and family has their own food culture, philosophy and health habits. When I got married we had to establish our own. My husband had given up cow milk as a teenager to see if it would clear up his acne and prevent his nearly chronic ear aches. He stopped guzzling the stuff and voila, his skin cleared up and he’s never had an ear ache since. Understandably, he’s quite certain that dairy is not healthy.  Together, over the course of our three years being married, we’ve read, experimented, and discussed much and are now on the same page about avoiding processed foods and animal foods.


While we’re definitely not perfect outside the home, we are nearly 100% whole-food, plant-based at home. Our main downfall is a little oil here and there.


Although we’re still young and inherently healthy, we have seen great benefits to this way of eating. We very rarely get sick, and if we do, we recover very quickly. We eat a lot and don’t gain weight, because of the type of food we’re eating.


We enjoy delicious food and don’t feel heavy, greasy, gross or guilty afterward but we do feel satisfied, energetic, happy and even closer to God. Few things are as satisfying as eating a super yummy meal or treat that is also super healthy.


The challenge of finding recipes that are both delicious and nutritious is a constant battle, but a fun one that I’m excited to share with you!






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