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Valentine Bear Treats

If you’re looking for a fun-but-healthy kitchen activity to do with kids on Valentines Day this year, or something you can give away to people you love, here you go!

Energy Ball Bears

Mix up your favorite energy ball recipe, and add eyes with a small piece of raisin or mini chocolate chips, almond ears, and a nose made of a cinnamon candy or heart-shaped sprinkle.

I used my healthy brownie bites recipe for the black bears, and this peanut butter cookie recipe from Minimalist Baker for the brown bears. Both of them are made of three basic ingredients.

Ingredients for the brown bears:



peanut butter


Ingredients for the black bears:




To add more nutrition to these little guys, you could add chia, flax or hemp seeds to the mixture. You can use a small piece of red strawberry or freeze-dried berry for the nose instead of a red candy, and little currants or raisins for the eyes.


Make little plates and deliver to your neighbors or other loved ones for a healthier Valentines treat!


Looking for more healthy and fun treats? Find more, here! 

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