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Moon Day Snacks and Party Ideas!

National Moon Day is observed annually on July 20 and commemorates the day man first walked on the moon in 1969. This year is special because July 20, 2019 commemorates 50 years since the first man landed on the moon!

His first words on the moon were “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” After those famous words were said and pictures were snapped, they sat down to their first meal, slightly ahead of schedule, after landing at the Sea of Tranquility.

Do you know what the first food eaten on the moon was? Bacon squares, peaches, sugar cookie cubes, pineapple grapefruit drink and coffee.

If that doesn’t sound like a meal you want to re-create, I understand. 😉 Here are some alternative ideas. Make some memories this summer by having a party with just your family or inviting friends! Kids and adults alike can celebrate the moon and that giant step for mankind by having a moon party!

What to Eat at a Moon Party:

  1. Moon-shaped sandwiches (cut with a glass or jar lid). You could do PB&J’s, avocado and cucumber sandwiches, hummus and tomato, or whatever sandwich is your favorite.Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.
  2. Crescent moon-shaped apple slices with peanut butter or this delicious pumpkin dip recipe. Isn’t it convenient that fruit cuts into moon shapes so naturally with no cookie cutter required?
  3. Star and Moon Cucumber Plate. See the end of this post about where to find star cookie cutters. Make the moon phases by finding a small cup or round container or lid to cut crescent shapes out of cucumber rounds.
  4. Rocket ship fruit kabobs. Use any fruit you’d like, and cut one piece to create a blast-off end, and one piece to be pointy for the tip. Slide onto skewers that have been broken into more kid-friendly lengths. 
  5. Peaches. Peaches were in the first meal on the moon, so slice up some fresh peaches! (Or make the Peach Pie Breakfast cookies I’ll be posting next week!)
  6. Moon phase toast. Cut banana slices into crescents, half-moons, a full moon and some waning and waxing moons and assemble on peanut butter or jelly toast for an out-of-this-world breakfast or snack. 

What to Do at a Moon Party:

  1. Tell your family you “love them to the moon and back!”
  2. Make and break a Moon Pinata. 
  3. Spray paint galaxies. My family recently did this at a family reunion and it was so fun for all ages and required minimal supplies.
  4. Do a moon rock hunt. (Hide foil-covered balls and have kids find them like Easter eggs).
  5. Make exploding moon rocks. 
  6. Make your own Puffy Paint Moons. 
  7. Read a few children’s books about the moon. Herearesometitlesyoucouldlookforatthelibrary:
    1. I took the Moon for a Walk
    2. If you Decide to Go to the Moon
    3. Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me
    4. Goodnight Moon (my daughter’s favorite book!)
    5. Mouse and the Moon
    6. Who was Neil Armstong?


You can easily find star cookie cutters at Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann’s, Walmart, or Target, or you can click the affiliate links below to get it shipped to you before Moon Day! I know I’m going to use these a lot throughout my life for everything from play dough to cookies to star-shaped banana slices! I am so glad I bought a set!

These decorations were too cute not to include, too! I could see myself re-using these for a space birthday party, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-themed baby shower, and an annual Moon Day family tradition. 🙂

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