Three Resources to make Exercise Easier this Summer

With summer often comes a change of routine and a change of weather, calling for a new workout routine. I currently live in Arizona where it’s oppressively hot even in the early mornings. If you live in a hot climate, if you don’t have a gym membership, if you have children, if you have a busy summer or travel a lot, exercise can be tricky! Here are some resources that have been helping me. They meet the following criteria:

  • Free
  • Can be done while taking care of children
  • Can be done in 30 minutes or less
  • Can be done at a hotel if you’re traveling
  • Require no equipment
  • Will make you sore the next morning…aka THEY WORK

1.   Fitness Blender

Maybe I live under a rock but I had never heard of this site until recently.  A husband and wife team have created this fantastic resource and they have the purest intentions of helping people instead of just making a profit. You can search through hundreds of free workout videos and find the one that is just the right length and intensity. I love a good workout video because I can do it anytime, in the air-conditioned comfort of my home, and with my baby right beside me.

This HIIT workout is my current favorite because I can put my baby in her swing and give her kisses and attention during the 10-second rests. She also enjoys watching me jump around, so it’s win-win.

2. Moms into Fitness

My sister who has four kids told me about these videos and I have really liked them.  Lindsay Brinn has excellent workouts that are ideal during pregnancy or getting fit postpartum. There are a couple free ones on Youtube, and you can also see more by doing her free trial.  I love this 10-minute one, because no matter how busy I feel, 10 minutes I can do.

3. Down Dog App

After those workouts, you might be really sore! I have downloaded this app on my ipad and I feel like it’s just like being in a live yoga class. It is very customizable, perfect for beginners, and I love how I feel afterwards. I think kids would like trying yoga alongside you!



Although doing workouts at home in front of a screen is convenient, it will never beat getting outside with real people in real life! A happy medium would be to invite a friend over to do these workouts with you. I believe the community that comes with a yoga or workout class is one of the best benefits—even more so than the actual workout.

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